Summer Break Live Report 2010

June 26th 2010 marked the second Golden Oak Stables Summer Break Live, a youth and novice model horse show! The Golden Oak Stables warehouse opened its doors to 28 showers and dozens upon dozens of visitors wanting to get a little shopping in and get a piece of the action!


The morning started at 10am with performance classes in one arena and Original Finish halter classes in the other. Two judges went to the wire to judge huge classes stuffed with entries worthy of any live show out there. Original Finish Halter classes were exceptionally full with many classes having well over 40 horses entered! With only 10 ribbons to give out for each class, the horses that did receive a ribbon should be proud!


Horses young and old made their way to the ring for Collectibility classes which judged the rarity and desirability of the Breyer horses on the table. These divisions were broken up into classes based on the years made, number produced or where you would have purchased the model at.


Owner and Professional custom classes showed the high level of talent that we have in the hobby. Owner custom classes are always a favorite among many, especially the judges at the Golden Oak Stables shows. Seeing what people can create is truly awe inspiring. The New England area has got a wonderful bunch of up and coming customizers on the horizon. Watch out world!


At the end of the day, hundreds of ribbons had been awarded and dozens of awards given. The wonderful level of competition was only topped by the smiles and laughter abound!


With two more events planned for this year, the Golden Oak Stables calendar is packed with events for just about everyone! August is set for a workshop day with hands on workshops that will send each and every entrant home with projects that they create! October marks the second annual NEFL live, a NAN qualifying model horse show that will welcome all ages and levels of experience!

Check the schedule here and mark your calendars! Hope to see you there!


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