Breyerfest 2010 – Just One Month Away!

Excitement is running high as summer has arrived for Breyefest 2010! With less than a month until the big day last minute preparations are being made all around!

With a Hollywood theme, Breyer has truly gone out of control with amazing guests for Breyerfest 2010! The guest of honor is Elizabeth Shatner, William Shatner’s wife along with their horse All Glory. The couple are avid horse lovers and their show records prove this! Priscilla Presley will also be on hand to launch the Breyer Elvis line commemorating the horses he loved so dearly.

Horse guests are in large supply too for Breyerfest 2010. O’Leary’s Irish Diamond is an Irish Draught horse that has excelled in a myriad of disciplines and is just as beautiful as he is talented. Breyer is no stranger to horse causes and at this year’s Breyerfest Isadora Cruce will be visiting representing the Return To Freedom Sanctuary. The sanctuary works to bring awareness to the issues facing horses. A story of hard work with amazing results lays in Fleetstreet Max and his young owner. The two have even championed their way to 15 world championships!

The excitement doesn’t stop at the guests! There are contests and workshops to take part in, many of which are still open for participants. There are also model horse shows for Children, Youths and Adults and word has it that there’s still a bit of room for those last minute entries!

Breyerfest is far more than Breyer events though; Lexington, Kentucky is the capital of Horse Country! The Kentucky Horse Park hosts the event and this year is unlike any other before. The park has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation in preparation for the World Equestrian Games taking place this fall and Breyerfest attendees will get some of the first looks at the park! With renovations abound and a brand new coliseum the Kentucky Horse Park will appear much different than in previous years!

And don’t forget “A Gift From The Desert” an exhibition at the Kentucky Horse Park with an abundance of artifacts from the Middle East that encompass the life of the Arabian horse.

Breyerfest 2010 is gearing up to be a memorable year, and as always, Golden Oak Stables and Stable News will keep you in the know!


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