Breyerfest 2010: North American Nationals

A few days before Breyerfest rolls into town, downtown Lexington, Kentucky welcomes the North American Nationals, the pinnacle of model horse showing in North America. This yearly show is the championship show for the vast majority of shows in North America and represents the best of the best of the hobby.

In odd years, the North American Nationals, or NAN, is held in a floating location, often on the west coast. The even years though is when NAN and Breyerfest combine forces to create a week full of model horses! Tuesday, Wednesday an Thursday before Breyerfest is when NAN takes place. It takes over the Heritage Hall in Lexington,Kentucky with its myriad of classes and thousands of horses that are entered.

Tuesday at NAN is full of Original Finish Halter Breed classes where the best Breyers in the nation can be found! The horses are judged based on real horse breed standards and are chosen as the most realistic and representative of the breed the shower has chosen to represent that model. Tuesday also is filled with artist resin and custom performance where models are adorned with scale tack and accessories to make the most realistic scene possible.

Wednesday is filled out by artist resin and custom workmanship classes. The models are judged on the level of artisanship in the piece and is also host to original finish performance. Thursday is full of original finish collectibility classes where the rarest and most collectible horses are rewarded. The show is finished out on Thursday with china classes, from custom glazed china breed and workmanship to original finish china breed and collectibility!

Entry for this year is finished, but you can begin planning for the future. To enter the North American Nationals your model must win first or second place in a NAN qualifying show. These cards are awarded in three colors: green for breed, pink for performance and yellow for collectibility or workmanship. The best part about qualifying your horse for NAN is that you have two years to use the cards so if you can’t make it one year, you have another chance! Even if you can never make it to NAN you can still use your NAN cards for merit awards which you never have to enter or attend NAN to earn!

Get a jump on NAN 2011/2012 by attending Golden Oak Stables New England Fall Live in October! Even if you won’t be at NAN, Stable News will be there to bring you all the coverage from NAN and Breyerfest 2010, so stay tuned!


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