Novice Breyer Showing for kids and adults!

I’ve widely discussed the many reasons why Breyer horse shows are wonderful events. From education to the thrill of winning, they are events that do nothing but make most enjoy their hobby much more than ever imaginable. For many adults, entering their first live show can be intimidating, as is the choice of which division to enter: Novice or Open?

There is no right answer to the above question, as every person is different. Golden Oak Stables shows cater to all, both novices and adults and while the majority of showers are youths, adults are always welcome and in attendance! Many other shows offer both novice and open divisions. Commonly, novice is defined as anyone, regardless of age, who has been showing for less than 2 years or that hasn’t won a Grand Champion title. Other shows do have divisions that are only for youths and adults must show in open. So if you are looking to get into showing and have the opportunity to show in a novice division you may want to take that chance to get your feet wet.

Showing in novice might be right for you if:

1. You are  new to collecting.

2. You do not have a lot of real horse experience.

3. You haven’t been involved in the hobby very long.

4. You have never attended a model horse show.

5. You feel more comfortable giving novice a shot!

Many people are more than ready to jump into the open show arena though, and there are many reasons why it might be better for you. Here’s a few:

1. You have been involved in the hobby for awhile and are familiar with many aspects of the hobby.

2. You are a professional or semi-professional customizer or tack maker and your creations have shown well by someone else.

3. You have lots of real horse experience.

4. You have a lot of general knowledge about horses.

5. You feel like you are ready to jump in!

There is no right answer, and no matter what you choose to do, just remember to have fun. Don’t feel intimidated to jump in if you are an adult, you won’t be the first adult to jump in and you certainly won’t be the last. Novice shows are vastly designed to welcome new hobbyists into the world of model horse sowing, no matter what age, but remember competition is the least important thing in model horse showing, its all about having fun!

And remember, if you are in the New England area be sure to check out Golden Oak Stables shows!


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