Getting Creative With Your Breyer Horses!

We all have a special talent, and we all have a bit of creativity that we can uncover. Its easy to see the craftsmanship, talent, and effort that goes into creating a Breyer Horse, from sculpture, to molding, to painting, the levels are beyond compare! But have you ever wanted to try for yourself? What about that beautiful tack that’s available for your horses; why not give that a shot? Its all possible with just a little creativity!

Many hobbyists are aware that there are hundreds of custom Breyer customizers that repaint Breyers into a myriad of colors, but beyond that there are many other things that can be created in the hobby. Repainting Breyers are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of artists that reposition and resculpt models and change them so drastically that they are virtually unrecognizable. Arabians can be turned into mustangs and a fancy show horse could be turned into a work horse – the only limit is the imagination. Some hobby artists paint beautiful “Decorator” horses that are painted not to be realistic, but to be fanciful and push beyond the limits of  reality. From rainbows to unicorns, decorators can be just about anything that can be imagined!

The other large area in the Breyer Horse hobby is tack and prop making. Some artists create scale size miniature tack that can even be museum quality. Many of these look exactly like their real size counterparts and can be sized anywhere from Tradional scale to Micro Mini where the tack is smaller than your smallest fingernail! There is also a very popular group of artists who create scale props of anything from a feed bucket to a trail bridge. Making scale props is an exceedingly difficult task and good propmakers are hard to come by, they are some of the most scarce artists in the hobby.

No matter what you might think you are good at, give everything a try! Start big and let your imagination run wild! Golden Oak Stables is there to give you a head start from the pack with a ton of different activity kits which are affordable and have all the materials you need for any number of projects, start one today.


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