Breyer Horse Showing: The Judges Eye- OF Halter

Judging can be a bit of a mystery for many showers. They are aware that their models are being judged and are quite happy when they bring home a first place ribbon, but there are things that many judges look for and knowing what to look for in your entries can help you improve! So lets do a little judging clinic!

Original Finish Arabians- All Scales And Ages

(This class is for pure bred Arabians of any scale (eg. Traditional, Stablemate) and of any age)


1. Dark Grey Arabian Gelding


2. Flea Bit Grey Arabian Gelding


3. Rose Grey Arabian Stallion


4. Chestnut Arabian Mare


5. Black Arabian Filly

A very strong class, with many strong entries. Let me first say that this class is a breed class and that no collectibility or rarity will effect these placings; this is simply for picking the horse that best exemplifies the Arabian breed.

I would place this class 3, 5, 1,4,2, and here’s why. I chose #3 as my first place winner because I felt that he had not only exceptional coloration, but he also has the best conformation of the group. He has wonderful finely built legs which aren’t oversized (Something that often happens in models) but he also has a beautiful arabian profile. Lastly, he’s got a realistic thin and not overly full mane and tail. Second would be the filly, #5, because I feel that she makes an exceptional example of a young halter bred Arabian filly. With accurate body proportions and a beautiful face, she’s both beautiful as she is correct as an arab. #1 would be my next choice, I feel this horse has quite a bit of “Arab Feeling”, and has an aura that reminds me of an arab, I think his hooves are poorly shaped and his legs look rather awkwardly placed. #4 would be my next choice, she’s very pretty, but she’s got a few problems. Most significantly, she’s rather orange rather than a chestnut. Her face is also a little awkwardly shaped and lacking the profile that many Arabian breeders search out. Last in this class would be #2. He’s very cute, but he isn’t at all an ideal Arabian, with his extremely thick legs and cartoonish qualities he sadly would place last in this class.

If you’d like to get a judges opinion of your own horses, come and visit a live show, like Golden Oak Stables‘ Summer Break Live on June 26th! Until then research is the key, take a look at real horse magazines, books and websites to learn all you can about your model’s real horse counterparts!

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