A Summer Of Breyer Horse Events!

It is May 31st and summer is right around the corner. For many, school is out and free time is at a peak, and for many others Vacations are a welcome respite to the daily grind. Whatever kind of break you can find for yourself this summer, why not fill it with a bit of your hobby and go to a Breyer event?

The first event of the summer is BreyerWest,  a smaller version of Breyerfest held in Sacramento, California. Taking place June 11th-13th, this event is stuffed full of seminars, two model horse shows, its own special run and a raffle! For those of you on the west coast this is a wonderful opportunity to attend a large Breyer Event!

Up next on the calendar is Summer Break Live, Golden Oak Stables’ all novice show. For those of you in the New England area, this will be the novice event of the year! New showers are always welcome as are previous showers and it is starting to fill up quickly! As with all of Golden Oak Stables’ shows, there are dozens of classes and tons of divisions all waiting to award your horse with that coveted blue ribbon! There is also a fun day being held in conjunction with the lives show, so even if you aren’t going to show, stop on in to the party!

Quickly approaching is the model horse event of the year, Breyerfest held in Lexington, KY. This year is a special one for collectors though. This year, marks both the North America Nationals Model Horse Show being held the same weekend, but also the World Equestrian Games which are right around the corner in September. The North American Nationals is a show that brings people from all over the country and the world to compete with their model horses to award national championships. Similarly, the  WEGs bring competitors from all over the world to Lexington, Kentucky, this is the first time its been held outside of Europe, for competition over 8 different disciplines.  Lexington, and the whole state of Kentucky have been working hard to get things ready for the event, and model horse collectors will get to be some of the first to see these changes in July!

Last but certainly not least on the calendar is Golden Oak Stables’ Workshop Day in August. This event will show you different hobby disciplines and how to create projects of your very own! Details are still in the works, but stay tuned to Stable News for all the latest news on this and all kinds of other hobby events!


Email Stacy: Stacy@GoldenOakStables.com

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