Breyer Horse Collecting: “Holy Grails”

May 27, 2010

As collectors, we all have models which we’d like to add to our collection at any point in time. Some are simply models which you haven’t had the chance to add to your collection just yet, but others are ones which you have searched high and low for, often called “Holy Grails” by hobbyists.

With collecting of any sort, you’ll encounter times when you want something you simply don’t have. There are thousands of Breyer horses and hundreds of different molds, each of them completely different. Some collectors choose to collect all of one mold, which can narrow down a search a bit, but still make it very difficult to fill those holes in a collection. Others simply buy what they love and have “grails” which they are seeking out. Some collectors have a hard time finding grails, and some are very simple to find. Breyer horses are produced in a myriad of numbers, from one of a kind models which can be extremely desirable, to a regular run model that has tens of thousands produced. So the search can vary quite a bit.

For me, many of my grails are horses which have sentimental value that have left my collection that I’d love to add back. Horses from my childhood which I didn’t care for properly top that list. Many other collectors also love to relive their childhood Breyer experiences as adults and can have those memories again through their horses. One of the easiest way to find these horses again is through Golden Oak Stables’ Vintage Collection which is full of dozens of mint condition discontinued models! Take a look to see if your “Holy Grail” or childhood model is there, and be sure to check back as stock changes!

No matter what you collect, or what you are looking for, simply collecting is the most important thing. The love of model horses is the thread that binds us all together. Whatever your “Holy Grail” may be just keep looking. Whether it is a one of a kind or an easy to find current run model, just keep looking and collecting. There is no better feeling than getting that model you’ve been searching high and low for, and once you’ve found that model, there’s always another model out there to hunt for!


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