A Little Bit of Breyer Fantasy: Wind Dancers

Floating through the sky in colors of blue, orange, pink and purple, Wind Dancers are colorful little fillies and mares ready to tickle the imagination.

A relatively new series, Wind Dancers capture the imagination of many with their whimsical appearance, and their bright colorful colors made them a quick favorite. This series offered in its entirety by Golden Oak Stables is enough to capture the interest of any horse lover! The Wind Dancers are sculpted by Kathleen Moody, who is known for sculpting many of the most fanciful and favorite Breyers. Her sculptures capture the imagination by flirting on the edge of realism and fantasy. The Wind Dancers mares all feature long manes and tails as well as large gossamer wings which glisten in the sun and the fillies, while smaller in size, still have the iconic gossamer wings making them a perfect match.  These models are sized larger than Stablemates, nearly Paddock Pal Sized, sitting at about 4-5 inches tall for the adults and 2-3 inches tall for the foals, are perfectly sized for collecting or playing!

Kona is a navy blue horse with two front stockings and lighter blue wings. She is pranced up a bit and ready to take off! Sirocco is a bright orange beauty that is reared up on her back legs. She has large wings that flitter in the sun with colors of light orange, yellow and pink. Bright and pink, Brisa dances in the sun in the brightest of pinks. Her light pink mane and tail accent her wings which are accented in dark and light pinks along with a touch of blue! A beauty in grey, Sumatra is beautiful in an understated grey with a white  mane and tail. She trots her way along with teal wings that accent her understated color beautifully.

Every mare needs a foal and  The Wind Dancers Gift Set is a set of four foals, each of which match the adult Wind Dancers perfectly. These tiny foals are as colorful as their mothers and also have large translucent wings which glitter and glisten in the sun!

Breyer has also created a series of stories to complete out the Wind Dancers line. These stories tell the stories of each of the Wind Dancers and capture the imagination of the horse lover in all of us!

Young or old, Wind Dancers capture the love of horses we all have and remind us of a land of fantasy which is often easily forgotten.


Email Stacy: Stacy@GoldenOakStables.com

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