How To Make Your Way Into The Winner’s Circle With Your Breyer Horse!

May 13, 2010

Showing Breyer horses can be just as difficult and rewarding as showing real horses. The competition is just as competitive if not more than many real life horses shows. At Golden Oak Stables Shows classes are often filled to the brim with entries and there are only 10 ribbons to go around, so winning a 10th place ribbon can be just as prestigious as winning the blue ribbon! Even though the competition really depends on what else is on the table for that class, there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances and create a truly amazing entry!

The easiest thing you can do for any entry is to do your research. This is very important for an entrant and really impresses the judges. Finding a breed that truly looks like the model you are showing is a great way to catch the judges eye and finding a photo that looks just like your model can make it stand out in a crowd. But don’t get caught up if you can’t find a photo, there are plenty of instances that simply picking a wonderful breed has made a horse stand out.


A breed winner that made an excellent warmblood.

Research is also important for performance classes; details can really make or break your entry. Taking time to learn about all of the equipment and proper setups for their real life counterparts is one of the most important things to do for your performance entries. Many showers have experience with real horses and do have a bit of an advantage. For those of you that may not have had the same experience, watching competitions as well as reading can help bridge the gap. In addition, finding a really versatile model that can show in many classes can help bring home a championship ribbon.


A versatile Performance Winner

In collectibility much of the determination is on how rare or collectible the model is, but having an entry with ephemera, correct information and a model in great condition can make the determination between 1st and 10th place. In many cases, hard to find, mint, vintage models with information on the release can win a class over a much rarer model because the condition is better and there is information letting the judge know that you are aware of what the horse is and what makes it rare. In newer hard to find models, it is very important to document where you have gotten the horse, because far too often the authenticity is on your shoulders for keeping the history of that model alive.


A collectibility entry with documentation from the time he left the Breyer factory!

With just a few simple steps your entry can stand out. If you have already had success showing, Just About Horses is currently looking to feature hobbyists in the Winner’s Circle:

Calling All Model Horse Show Stars!

If you are doing well at the model horse shows, we just may want to feature you in Winners’ Circle in Just About Horses!

We are looking for junior and adult competitors to feature.

Send us information about yourself (name, address, age, phone number) the show where you did well (including your classes), and a picture of your winning entry.

You can look at Winners’ Circle in your Just About Horses magazine, and follow the format to provide information.

The image must be a jpeg attachment, 300dpi, 4” by 6”. Send us the information right away with a phone number to and you may soon be in the Winners’ Circle!

Happy Showing!


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