Breyer Horse Showing:5 Essential Tips For First Timers

May 10, 2010

Summer is just around the corner as is Golden Oak Stables’ Summer Break Live as well as Breyerfest as well as dozens of other live shows. If you’ve never been to one here’s some tips to help ease the worries and butterflies for your first show.

1. Send in your entry as soon as possible. This is the most important thing. Show holders need to know as soon as possible how many people to plan for and many shows also sell out quickly, so sending your entry early can easily make the difference between attending and not attending.

2. Bring only your best and favorites. Choose your horses judiciously and don’t bring any that have large rubs or chips, unless there is a fun class for that. Also bring enough to keep you busy throughout the day but also enough time to enjoy the show. A good rule is one to two horses for every two classes approximately.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, for questions about the show prior to the day of the show, ask the show holder any questions you might have. The day of the show you can ask the judge about any placings you might have as well, just be sure to ask after the class and not a few hours later. Its difficult to remember each placing after you’ve been judging all day. Don’t be afraid to chat with other showers too! Model horse hobbyists are normally more than happy to help one another.

4. Follow the rules to a T. That means things like, plan to get there when the showholder suggests and not earlier or later, and follow instructions for how to do horse tags or note cards (Whatever is used in your region). These may seem like little things but it truly makes the entire day run smoother if you take the time to read the rules fully and if there is something you have a question about feel free to ask! The rules were made to keep the day running smoothly.

5. Bring a tablecloth, and pack your horses well! There’s nothing worse than damaging a horse when taking it out to a show, so packing your horses well can help with that. Don’t overpack your boxes or totes, and be sure to wrap your horses in either bubblewrap or old clean t-shirts. Also bring a tablecloth to lay down on your table because horses often do tip over and falling on a table cloth rather than a table can be the difference between breaking and not getting a rub.

Live shows are great chances to meet people of similar interests as well as bringing home ribbons for the horses in your stable. Take time to chat to your neighbors and just have fun!


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