Celebrate Mother’s Day The Breyer Way!

May 6, 2010

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a special day each year to celebrate the most important woman in many people’s lives. This isn’t exclusive of humans, animals also have strong bonds with their mother and horses are no exception. Some of Breyer’s most adorable and endearing sets are those of mares and foals!

Classic scale has long been a favorite scale of many and Breyer consistently has new horses and accessories making these a blast to collect! Breyer has three special mare and foal sets that are just as adorable as they are authentic. A mix of old and new the Pinto Sport Horse Mare and Foal Set features Ginger a mold many remember well from many years ago as a staple in the Black Beauty set. Her foal is a new mold who saw its first release in this set. They both are beautiful in a crisp chestnut pinto with a touch of metallic. Full of femininity, the Morgan Mare and Foal are stunning in a beautiful deep palomino. The mare and foal make a striking pair and the resemblance is uncanny! The Warmblood Mare and Foal Set come ready to train for a three day event. The mare is painted in a beautiful dapple grey and the foal appears to take after his mother being a dark grey which should lighten with time.

Another fun and popular scale to collect is Stablemates. These tiny horses are great on space and there are simply dozens of different sets and horses to collect at any given time, including tons of mares and foals! The Pocket Barn is a fun playset that includes everything you might need to create your very own barn. It even includes a chestnut pinto mare and a buckskin pinto foal! Lets hope mommy and baby don’t have to stay long at the Horsepital; this set is full of accessories for just about any ailment that your Stablemates could encounter. The mare and foal included in this set are an adorable bay and both of them even wear stable rugs! If the Horsepital isn’t big enough for the veterinarian in you the Country Vet Set is a bigger set and also includes a mare and foal for you to keep healthy!

Sunday may be Mother’s Day but every day can be Mother’s Day with a stable full of mares and foals!


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