Spring Showers Bring… New Breyer Horse Releases!

April 26, 2010

Spring always brings warm weather, rain storms and new Breyer Horse releases! This spring is no different with a lineup of three exciting new horses to add to your stable!

First up is Fleetstreet Max, a chestnut pinto done on the Zippo Pine Bar mold. His bright white markings stand out in a crowd and his interesting, wide facial marking really accent the mold beautifully. This Zippo Pine Bar mold is a performance favorite; his light walk makes him one of the best molds for many Western events including Western Pleasure where he really excels! The real Fleetstreet Max is an unbeatable champion himself, this homebred horse has won more paint horse World Championships than any other horse ever, 20!

Isadora Cruce is a portrait with a cause. The portrait of a real life wild horse, Isadora is a special horse that is a direct decedent from Spanish Colonial Mustangs. Most of these historic horses have been bred into extinction, but Isadora’s line lives and thrives at the Return to Freedom Sanctuary which is home to over 200 wild horses. Breyer’s Isadora is done on the ever popular Nakota model and is just about as flashy as the come! This chestnut pinto has the fabled Medicine Hat markings which is distinguished by a spot of dark color surrounding the ear and head area of a horse. This is said to be granted to special horses.

Last, but certainly not least is the incredible mare Rachel Alexandria. Rachel is proving to be one of the most powerful and amazing fillies that Thoroughbred racing has ever seen. She found her way into America’s hearts last year when she took on all the boys at the Preakness. This big bay filly took on the field of colts and beat them in a big way. Horses like Rachel don’t come up often; this filly is truly something special! Breyer has perfectly captured her spirit in their portrait, on the Ruffian mold. Portraying her in full stride, Rachel is full of spirit and energy, just like you’d expect from a top class race horse!

Three exceptional horses makeup the spring lineup, why not visit Golden Oak Stables today and add a champion to your stable today! Even better, for those of you headed to Breyerfest, you can meet the real life Fleetstreet Max and Isadora Cruce there! What could be better than that!


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