Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event

Kentucky Horse Park has its plate full this year between a star studded Breyerfest, America’s first World Equestrian Games and this weekend’s event: the Rolex Three Day Event one of the country’s biggest horse events.

As model horse hobbyists, many of us have had the privilege of visiting the Kentucky Horse Park for Breyerfest. Those that have been can attest to the fact that it is truly the horse capital of the country. Over a thousand acres of Kentucky countryside make up a park that is filled with horses from far and wide. On any one day there you can see a world champion race horse and an exotic breed from the Far East. The park also is home to museums, theaters, demonstrations, and dozens of other exclusive horse information and events. One of the largest events at the Kentucky Horse Park and in the United States is the Rolex Three Day Event.

This event is comprised of three days of different events. The first event is a Dressage event where a rider and horse must perform a precise routine with the most grace and with the highest level of perfection possible. The second day in the event is a favorite of many, Cross Country. This event requires a rider to ride through an outdoor course with 30 obstacles that a rider must negotiate with their horse.  For those of you going to Breyerfest, the Kentucky Horse Park offers trail rides throughout the day and while there are a couple different trails they take you on, one of them includes walking through the cross country course. I highly recommend it! The last day is Show Jumping where a rider and horse needs to ride a course of jumps in the fastest time possible and with the least amount of faults possible. Faults are added when a rail is knocked down or the time limit gone over.

This event is the premier event of the year for many riders and the United States has held the top place on the podium several times recently. Many of these riders have also had their horses featured by Breyer in the past! Breyer, the premier model horse maker, has always been a supporter of not only the Equestrian sport, but also of the United States Equestrian Team! You can watch a little bit of the Rolex before the Preakness in May. Until then, visit Golden Oak Stables to fill your stable up with your own Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping champions!


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