Breyer Horse Collecting: What Makes Up Your Collection?

Whether you know it or not, all collectors have trends of some sort in their collections. Some people do it instinctively and some have strict standards for what they collect; but nearly everyone will notice at some point, that they have distinct standards for their collection.

I, as many people do, began collecting Breyer horses as toys. I would get them for holidays, birthdays, and for good report cards and they made up my stable of every dream horse that I had ever dreamed of. As I got older, I began to be a “Have it all” collector, where I purchased everything I could have. In recent years I’ve refined my collecting habits substantially and I only collect molds I like. Sticking to a few dozen molds has helped me refine the direction of my collection, but it doesn’t stop me. I always have exceptions for my collection including hundreds of Stablemates and Breyer Fun Day horses.

Many people choose to collect only a certain type of breeds, such as ponies, or sport horses, and many people do this without thinking! If you take a look at your collection, you’re probably going to notice some trends. What is your favorite breed of horse? You probably have quite a few models that represent that breed. Scale is also an easy and common way to focus your collection. Stablemates can save on space and are inexpensive to collect, but they can be a bit difficult to display. Traditionals are packed full of detail and life, and there are thousands of them to collect, but you might need a bit of space as your collection grows. A creative thing to do would be to collect only one color of models, or what about models that are all in one position, rearing, walking, galloping. The possibilities are endless.

So take a look at your colleciton, how does it reflect you? How has your collection grown over the years? Has it changed directions or does it remain similar to your original collection? What does your collection say about you?

All of these are of course, rhetorical questions, and your collection might say nothing about you! No matter what, Golden Oak Stables has horses to fill your stable how ever you please!

Just keep collecting!


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