Real Life Breyer Horses: O’Leary’s Irish Diamond

A striking dapple grey stallion from Ireland , O’Leary’s Irish Diamond is not only a striking horse in real life but also a striking horse in Breyer form. This fantastic Irish Draught stallion is full of talent and beauty!

O’Leary’s Irish Diamond was imported from Ireland in 1997 shortly after the first round of inspections from the Irish Horse Board and received some of the highest scores of any stallion that round of inspections! He went on into the sport of dressage so that he could achieve his status as a breeding stallion from the Irish Horse Board. Without question Irish succeeded with flying colors. The Irish Horse Board took their first ever trip to America to approve this stallion, and after inspection Irish became the first American Irish Draught Horse to be approved for breeding. Irish didn’t stop there; he went on to compete in both high level dressage and jumping. In addition to this he has gone on to have some of the highest confirmation scores for any stallion, despite not being a halter competitor! He is truly a world class all around horse! He has also gone on to have over 150 offspring, many of which are known for their amazing temperament.

Among the new horses for 2010 that Golden Oak Stables offers for 2010 is O’Leary’s Irish Diamond done on the Cleveland Bay mold. This mold is a favorite for many and comes in both a loose mane version like Irish and a braided mane version with other releases. Irish is a beautiful soft dapple grey stallion with beautiful painted light grey dapples. He features soft grey shading in all the right places as well as a wide blaze and a pinked nose. One of his most striking features is his beautifully painted stripped hooves which really make him stand out!




A stand out in real life and a stand out in the Breyer world, O’Leary’s Irish Diamond is truly one not to miss! The perfect combination of strength, power and beauty!


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