Breyer Horse Show: Golden Oak Stables’ Summer Break Live 2010

April is here and thoughts of summer aren’t far away, for me this also means thoughts of summer horse shows, Breyerfest and of course, Golden Oak Stables’ Summer Break Live!

Golden Oak Stables is proud to offer the largest novice and youth Breyer horse events in the nation. If you are just getting into Breyer horses, or have been involved for a long while but haven’t gotten a chance to show yet, this is the event for you! With dozens of participants and attendance numbers well over 100 at every event, this is a great place to be showing, or just to stop by to chat with other hobbyists, learn a little bit, and do some shopping!




Summer Break Live offers five divisions at the show, something you will not find at any other novice show in the nation, as well as many open shows! Original Finish Halter is the largest division which are breed classes specifically for your Breyer horses straight from the factory with no alterations. These classes are judged on how much your horse looks like the corresponding real horse breed. These are judged on the same standards that a real horse would be judged on. Collectibility is the class for those rare and hard to find Breyers. These classes are judged on the rarity of the horse as well as the desirability. Vintage, current, special run and hard to find classes are all offered. These are divided up by the place you would have originally bought your horse, or by the years produced so that they can be judged accurately. Performance are classes for the miniaturist at heart. In this class you use miniature tack and accessories to create the most realistic scene possible.  There are also two custom divisions offered, an owner custom division and a professional custom division. The owner custom division is the place for all of you amateur artists! These classes are especially for those of you that are begining to create your own custom horses. There are no professional customs in the classes so that the competition is even. Professional custom classes are for horses you may have bought from other artists.




Whatever your fancy, there’s a class for your horse. Showing is a blast and its great to meet others with similar interests! If you are in the New England area visit Golden Oak Stables today and check out Summer Break Live!

Hope to see you there!


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