Breyer Horse Event Report: Saddle-Up For Spring 2010

This weekend marked the first show of 2010 for Golden Oak Stables, Saddle-Up For Spring. This all novice/youth show and fun day was packed to the gills with showers, Breyer lovers, family and friends alike.

Starting promptly at 10am, the classes began to fill up quickly. Many halter classes had anywhere between 40 and 60 horses in them, far more than many novice shows. With only 10 places to be awarded, nearly any horse on the table could have been awarded that blue ribbon, and just about every horse deserved to place, but with only 10 places to be given out, the judges had their work cut out for them! Our largest class was a Quarter Horse class with over 60 horses, which had to be split because it was just too big! This of course is a good thing, full classes make for good competition and there is nothing better than some good, healthy competition.



The performance classes were out of this world as well! The classes all had between 5-15 entries in them, and for performance classes that is very good! Linda, our performance judge, was blown away by the level of entries and the amazing skill that was shown that day. The creativity, craftsmanship and level of detail was truly first class. We have some really talented youths and novices in this area; watch out New England!


The custom classes were also out of this world! We have both Owner customized classes as well as Professional customized classes so that our entrants feel comfortable showing their work in a safe environment that is on a fair playing ground with others. To our surprise and excitement, our Owner customized classes were stuffed much fuller than our Professional customized classes!  To see up and coming showers also being up and coming customizers is something that we are truly proud of!


The day was also filled with fun day activities and many came from near and far to visit. It was truly a wonderful event and I am excited to say that I can’t wait until our next show in June!

So mark you calendars and get ready for Summer Break Live, June 26th 2010!


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