What’s in a Name? Choosing Names for your Breyer Horses

Some Breyer Horses come with names directly from Breyer, and some do not. Those that are named by Breyer are either named after the horse that it was made after, or it was just a made up name that one of the horse designers at Breyer thought up! Many people find that even though Breyer often names their horses, they want to make their own names for their models, and here’s a little bit more about it.

If you’ve ever entered a Golden Oak Stables show, or most any other live show for that matter, you know that at a live show, you need to name your horses. This is because there might be 10 Goffert’s on the table at any one time and we need to be able to distinguish one from all the others at any one time. Others just choose to make their own names for their horses even if they don’t show!

Some people choose names for their horses that are just at random, they pull a name off of a television show that they are listening to, or they pull words out of a close by book. These are easy and quick ways to name your horses if it isn’t your “thing”. Names need to be nothing more than one word. They can be easy things like Blackey, Chocolate, Fluffy, or silly things like Dog, Cat, Horse. It really doesn’t matter what your horse’s name is in the end, just as long as it has one.

Other people choose to make up elaborate silly names, often times to get giggles out of others. At many live shows the names of winning horses are announced over an intercom or announced to the crowd and many find it a bit of a competition to get others to giggle. A favorite Breyerfest memory of mine was when a blue, wedgewood Breyer Decorator won a championship under the name “I’ve got a Wedgie!”

Even more people choose to pick elaborate names that are related to real horses or to their own “Stable” name. Researching real horse pedigrees is a popular sub-hobby for many hobbyists. For others they have a stable name, such as “Sapphire Stream Stables” and they will use that to name all of their horses much like a championship real horse barn! So horses out of that stable would be named “Sapphire Stream’s _____”.

There are options for naming for just about anyone, but I think you’ll find once you start taking the time to pick interesting names for your horses, you’ll find that you enjoy it! Give it a try!


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One Response to What’s in a Name? Choosing Names for your Breyer Horses

  1. Hello Stacy, thank you for making this blog! I love breyers, I have been trying to think of a barn name and show name for one of my breyers, but I have no name ideas yet… I usually come up with names quickly, but for some reason it’s hard to think of one for her. Here is a link to her. If you have any ideas please comment!

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