New Breyer Horse Releases: FEI World Equestrian Games Esprit

World Equestrian Games fever has taken over both the real horse world as well as the model horse world, and Breyer’s new release, Esprit, has created even more buzz for these fantastic games!

The World Equestrian Games are the largest sporting event that the United States will see this year and it is also an exceptional opportunity for Kentucky to show true southern hospitality. These games are held every four years, in between summer Olympic years, and are considered to be even more important to the equestrian world than the Olympic Games! These world class games are truly a step above any competition!

The 2010 games are not only the first time that the games have been held outside of Europe, but it is also the first time all of the events will be held in the same location, the Kentucky Horse Park! That’s right, the same place that collectors flock to late in July for Breyerfest will play home to the most competitive and elite competition in the world. If you have been to Breyerfest in recent years you have probably noticed the large amount of construction going on in the park to prepare for the games. The Kentucky Horse Park completed construction of a state of the art indoor arena complete with meeting space and conference rooms in July of last year! Breyerfest attendees were some of the first to get a look at the new arena, which was beautiful and worthy of a world class event.

Breyer has created Esprit in honor of the “Spirit” of the games and of the horse. Esprit is a beautiful dapple grey stallion in a playful and spirited pose. With his leg extended and mane and tail flying freely in the wind, he truly captures the spirit of the horse. Breyer looked to no other than Kathleen Moody to sculpt the “poster” horse for their role in the World Equestrian Games. Kathleen Moody is a familiar name in the Breyer lineup sculpting dozens of molds over the years, from Stablemates to Silver, Kathleen’s sculptures always capture romance and spirit, what a more perfect pairing?

This year is an important one for American equestrians on the world stage, and you can take part too! Breyer is the official model horse for the World Equestrian games, so gallop on over to Golden Oak Stables to take a look at all the World Equestrian Games models!


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