Model Horse Showing: Using Real Horses To Educate!

As spring rolls around my thoughts are moving from cold winter days to warm spring days, and with those thoughts are filling with thoughts of the upcoming Golden Oak Stables’ show, Saddle-Up for Spring.

At any live show, you will be asked to pick a breed for your model horses. Sometimes Breyer will choose a breed for their horses, but even if Breyer has picked a breed, you might still want to use your creativity and knowledge of real horses to pick the very best breed for your horses. Its important to remember that every real horse activity works exactly the same in the model horse world, and every real horse breed can be used for a model horse! The same standards are used for both real and model horses, so whatever you find that is true for real horses is true for model horses.

As I’ve gotten more and more involved with model horse showing, I’ve also become more and more involved in real horses. I do not have the privilege to own a horse of my own or ride on a regular basis, but my model horses still keep me involved in a slightly different way. Even though I don’t ride or own a horse, I still find myself going to real horse shows and expos. I often use this opportunity to photograph horses, watch events being performed and photograph events and different breeds. Horse expos and shows are great places to see events that you wouldn’t see normally, and to get a real feel of what different horse breeds look like. You’ll find that most horse people are very friendly and love to talk about their horses, and they are often more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have.

If you can’t get to horse shows or expos, horse magazines, books and websites are amazing resources that will teach you more than you might ever know. Magazine subscriptions are wonderful; I have several real horse subscriptions that I use for reference. I will mark breeds that are interesting to me, or events that I think would make great performance events. Horse books are great and filled with information, they have amazing information that might not be able to be found anywhere else, but always cross check older books with newer resources; many things can change over the years.

The internet is probably the greatest resource that we have, but its also important to remember that your source needs to be reliable, because anyone can put anything on the internet. I use the internet to save pictures of oddly colored horses or breeds I have never heard of. The internet is also wonderful for finding event courses and photographs for performance events.

Whether you have a horse or not, you can use the knowledge of the horse world to not only learn more about model horses but also to keep involved with real horses!


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