Breast Cancer Awareness: Breyer Horses Pink Ribbon Horse

This year, Breyer teams up for a wonderful cause that touches the lives of many people every day: breast cancer. 2010 marks the first year that Breyer is using its presence in the horse hobby to create awareness and raise money to support Breast Cancer research.

Arriving this week at Golden Oak Stables is the fanciful and beautiful Pink Ribbon Horse that commemorates the struggle millions have with this disease. Breast Cancer is the second most common non-skin cancer in women, affecting nearly 11% 0f all cancer cases in women. However, this is not just a female disease; it effects males as well although it is nearly 100 times more common in females. In recent years advances in research has helped this disease have a lower mortality rate, although it still takes nearly half a million people a year accounting for 7% of all cancer deaths and 1% of all deaths total. This difficult disease that effects not only those afflicted but also the families, has made leaps and  bounds in learning and treatment but the need is still there for advancement; that’s where Breyer comes in!

Breyer’s Pink Ribbon Horse is an amazing piece of the artistry that Breyer encompasses. It is the first regular run that is produced in an amazing clear plastic! This amazing piece is done on the feisty and romantic Breyer Andalusian that is full of strength and energy. The clear pink plastic paints the background for the the elegant pink ribbons that dance all over the horse. The flowing mane and tail flow thick and fully that create extensions of the horse’s body.

In the past Breyer has produced clear models. Up until about five years ago these were only test runs, and then a few limited special runs were produced in this elegant manner, but this model marks an amazing bond between a special model and an important cause that deserves far more attention than it receives. It is often difficult to remember how many people are affected by these tragic diseases. Breyer has created a model that encompasses not only the spirit of the horse, but the spirit of the fight against this disease, one that needs to be won, at all costs! What a better reason to add this fantastic horse to your collection?


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