Small Talk: Breyer Horses Stablemate Sets for 2010

I love Stablemates; there are just so many endearing qualities about them. First of all, they’re small, which makes them easy to collect for space reasons. Their size also makes them intriguing with their detail. Being just around 3 inches tall and packed with the same details that many traditional Breyers have makes them just like potato chips for most collectors, you just can’t have one!

2010 brought a huge new line of products from Golden Oak Stables to Breyer collectors, and included in those are more Stablemates! This year brings the new FEI Stablemates which includes six new molds and eight new horses all representing the eight disciplines of the World Equestrian games. This year is also bringing new sets to collectors hands!

New for this year  is an English Riding Set that is full of authentic accessories for either display or play. The set is just full of accessories that are just waiting for you to create your own English performance dream!  The set includes four jumps that can be mixed and matched to create that perfect show jumping or schooling course as well as a horse, rider, saddle and bridle and a blanket for after the show! All of the accessories are accented in a fancy and bright hot pink and lime green!

Fun and cute, the Stablemates Horse Play Set has two adorable and spunky horses that look like they could gallop right off the shelf! The first is a palomino frolicking foal that is as adorable as it is playful. Also included in the set is a beautiful rearing Appaloosa in a  fancy bay appaloosa. Included with these two are accessories to make your own paddock and adventures.

The adorable Pony Care Play Set rounds out the three new gift sets for this year. This set includes a cute as can be dapple gray pony as well as a red roan pony just waiting to make their way into your collection. The two ponies are accompanied by care supplies, in scale, to “take care” of your Stablemate herd.

These adorable, authentic and awesome sets are ready to make their way into your homes! Even if you don’t collect Stablemates, you’ll find yourself falling in love with these adorable bits of sculpture! What better time than now?


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