2009: A Year of Breyer Horses

December 18, 2009

2009 was a huge year for Breyer horses both for myself, hobbyists and the many in the Golden Oak Stables family. Between beautiful models and amazing events it was a great year for model horse collectors.

Breyer began the 2009 year with amazing new releases including a fun and informational Mare, Stallion and Foal Treasure Hunt. Figuring out what foal you might get from your stallion and mare is the fun and luck of the draw; nearly a dozen different foals that have shown up so far. If you’d like to test your genetic knowledge, you’re in luck, you have until January 31st! Another important release from 2009 was the completion of the Ethereal series with the Fire model and the Water model. These models mark the high pinnacle of Breyer craftsmanship and show true beauty.

I had the privilege to attend Breyerfest in 2009, the largest event of the year! It was a beautiful year for such an event. The horse park was getting ready for the World Equestrian Games which will be held in the United States for the first time ever next year. The weather was unexpectedly cool and dry and there were thousands of amazing hobbyists that made the event just wonderful. The icing on the cake was Stacy Westfall and her horse Roxy who were the celebration model.

It was a busy year for Golden Oak Stables as well, with four events including a NAN qualifying show, a workshop day and two novice events, there was always an event to be at!  The first event, Saddle Up For Spring was an all novice show that welcomed 50 entrants! It was an amazing event that showed what a great force our New England Area novices have! June welcomed Summer Break Live and dozens more novices eager to learn as always. Another learning experience was August’s Workshop day! Prop making, tack making and customizing were all taught to both young and old. Last but certainly not least for the year was New England Fall Live, Golden Oak Stable’s first annual NAN qualifying show. The competition was tough and there were tons of awards all around. It was the event of the year!

2009 was an amazing year for Golden Oak Stables and the Breyer Horse hobby. 2010 is right around the corner and I’m sure we can expect nothing less. Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in the New Year!


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