What Breyer Horse Talents Do You Have?

December 14, 2009

We all have talents of some sort, some of us are wonderful singers, some are gifted artists, but just about all of us have some sort of talent that we can use in our Breyer horse hobby!

I started off collecting just Breyers, but eventually my curiosity and craftiness got to me and I tried to make a halter and other stable accessories. Many of us have tried to create something for our horses, and many more of us have kept with it and done a wonderful job creating amazing miniatures. From halters and bridles to hay nets and water buckets, there’s so many things to create for anyone that has ambition.

Customizing is also a popular activity in the hobby; many hobbyists start off pulling out their craft paints and changing up a much loved horse. Now nearly everyone starting off has their first project end up looking a bit Frankenstein like, but everyone is in the same boat when they start. You might be surprised to know that even popular artists started off with their craft paints and funky paint jobs.

There are many people who are wonderful seamstresses. You might have to think a little outside of the box, but sewing is a wonderful talent to have in the hobby. Doll makers are extremely popular and in extremely short supply. Another popular thing in the hobby are cloth carrying bags for traveling with models. In addition to that, you can create wonderful stable blankets to keep all the ponies in your barn warm!

Now my first halters and customs were pretty sad attempts at the project, but keeping with it helped me learn not only persistence but it also helped me learn the craft of creating. I’m not the best customizer, but I’m still working and learning. As for my tack? I’m working on stablemate scale tack and won my first NAN cards this year! It just takes time and patience. Check out Golden Oak Stables for their line of craft kits that can help you get started on your journey. Everyone has a talent that can transcend into the hobby, it just takes some creativity and patience. What talents do you have?


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