Holiday Breyer Horses: Waiting for Santa!

December 9, 2009

The holidays bring memories for many people and one of my favorite memories was asking for a pony every single year for Christmas. I never got that real pony- instead I received Breyer horses-but that dream is still there today.

Breyer’s Waiting For Santa set is an adorable playset that recreates the image of that very fantasy that many of us shared. Included is a doll dressed in pajamas with a fancy horse print and a sleeping bag with a horse pillow. Along with the doll there are two Mini Whinnies included, one of them a chestnut pinto standing at attention and a bay pinto in a calm walk. These are the doll’s “Breyers”.


Lastly, but certainly not least is the miniature horse included in the set, every little girl’s dream! The miniature horse is a beautiful, slightly metallic grey. She’s shaded beautifully and has a full mane and tail. Her facial markings include a star and snip. The horse also comes with a festive holiday blanket that completes the set.



The miniature horse is done on the Midnight Tango mold that was released in 2000 and sculpted by Sommer Prosser. She has only been released in three other colors which are difficult to find, a buckskin, a black pinto and a chestnut pony. This adorable little pony is difficult to find and makes an amazing miniature horse with endless play and showing possibilities.

This set is one you don’t want to let slip by! Its limited to this season’s holidays only, which ends soon. Check out all of Golden Oak Stables holiday items to finish up your shopping and put a pony under the tree of someone you love.


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