Performance Talk: What really can be done with Breyer Horse Tack!

December 7, 2009

Its very easy to get overwhelmed when you are thinking about tack for your horses. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables offer a wide variety of tack made by Breyer that can be easily obtained and used quite successfully to be realistic and maybe even bring you home a few ribbons if you go to a show!

I was lucky enough to attend a show in Vermont a few weeks ago to judge and saw an entry that inspired me to show off what Breyer tack could really do. This entry was an English Pleasure entry with a Devon English Hunt Seat Saddle and an English Hunter Jumper Bridle. The entry was perfectly adjusted, the saddle and bridle fit and it was the perfect size for the horse. Needless to say, that horse walked away with the blue ribbon in the class.


The Cimarron Western Saddle Set is another strong set that can hold up well. Both saddles are a little flat, but they are shaped properly and can still be convincing. The Cimarron saddle features realistic “Tooling” and a great blanket that can be used for years to come.

Breyer also offers tons of different accessory kits that can be mixed and matched into your tack room for show or play. Jumps, blankets, stable keeping tools; all of them perfectly sized for your traditional horses. Lets also not forget the riders that are offered too. Breyer’s rider dolls are now fully articulated and beautifully dressed. Gone are the days of bendy legs and poofy hair; here Breyer offers riders that are ready to saddle up! Check out the entire line here to see for yourself!

When I first started collecting the tack offered by Breyer it was extremely limited and left much to be desired. They offered an English saddle and a Western saddle, and a couple blanket sets. Now there are dozens of pieces of tack ready to make their way into your tack room. The variety of tack along with the detail has grown so greatly that you might even see a few bits of Breyer tack or accessories make their way into the nationals show! Its all about fit and creativity. Good luck!


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