Breyer Horse Happy 50th Birthday! Family Arabian Stallion

December 2, 2009

2009 marks the 50th “Birthday” of one of the most iconic Breyer horses, the Family Arabian Stallion.

Released in 1959, the Family Arabian Stallion (Or FAS as it’s commonly abbreviated) he has gone on to be one of the most produced and collected models ever. He was released as the companion to an Arabian mare and foal and was a modified version of a Hagen Renaker mold. Hagen Renaker is a porcelain company that released collectible china horses starting in the 1950’s; Breyer used several of their molds and commissioned even more. They are responsible for all of the original stablemates, classics and a few traditionals, including the FAS.

In the 1950’s the FAS was released in Bay, Alabaster, Appaloosa and Woodgrain. These colors continued into the 1960’s and the iconic palomino color was introduced first in glossy and then in matte. The Palomino FAS is one of the most popular and produced models that Breyer has ever done. His color and beauty made him desirable for collectors and horse lovers alike. Also in the 1960’s Breyer gave the FAS a new family that better matched his looks. These are called the Family Arabian Mare and the Family Arabian Foal (FAM and FAF respectively).

The 1980’s and 1990’s brought many more colors for the FAS from liver chestnut to glossy grey – the color scheme seemed endless. The FAS has also been reproduced in various colors for special runs in colors like a retro glossy alabaster and a solid black. These colors tend to be favorites among collectors because of the love of the FAS.

In 2009 Breyer honored the FAS at Breyerfest with a test run that was auctioned off for charity in honor of his 50th birthday. This model was produced in a sandy bay appaloosa and was just about as beautiful as the FAS can get.

Currently you can still get the FAS from Golden Oak Stables in the form of Azhar, a beautiful chestnut Arabian with a flashy coat and a beautiful mane and tail. Being brought into the 20th century has done nothing but make the FAS even more beautiful.

If you don’t own a FAS you’re missing out, as this beautiful boy is an iconic model among many. The FAS has lived in the hearts of many for 50 years and all we can do is wish him 50 more wonderful years! Thanks for all the memories FAS!


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