Breyer Calls For Ideas! Collectors Choice Breyer Horses

It’s many collector’s dream to be able to design their very own Breyer horse, and once a year Breyer allows collectors to do just that, and you have until December 7th to get your idea in!

In 2004 Breyer began the Collector’s Choice program asking collectors to send in their ideas for their dream model. Collectors got a big surprise in January of 2005 when the first Collector’s Choice model was released. Breyer has recently began voting between their final three ideas, asking collectors to choose the final two which would make their way into the product line; one for spring and one for fall.

The collectors choice models are often popular with collectors and tend to be interesting and popular molds in attractive colors. They are also limited and can be very collectible. Golden Oak Stables is your headquarters to find the Collector’s Choice models, including the Spring 2009 and Fall 2009 models.

Take some time to enter and let Breyer know what you would like to see! Details are below, but be quick about it, you only have until December 7th, 2009!


Email Stacy:


Call For 2011 Collector’s Choice Models!

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about the “perfect” model horse-something you wish Breyer® would add to its Traditional™ Series line?

If so, the Collector’s Choice™ Series contest is your opportunity to make your dream model a reality!

Out of appreciation for the continued loyalty we receive from you – our valued collectors, Breyer wants to say “thank you” by giving everyone a voice in the development of our Traditional™ Series line!

We need to hear from you with your suggestions for our 2011 Collector’s Choice Spring and Fall Limited Edition models.

Please e-mail one model concept per household to:

E-mail suggestions will be accepted until December 7, 2009.

We will select the top model ideas for Spring and Fall 2011, and will put these images on our website for voting -so stay tuned!

This is your opportunity to help us develop Collector’s Choice favorites for 2011!

Here are the rules for submitting ideas.

1. There is no limit on what mold or coloration you can suggest.

2. The model will be produced on a regular, existing Traditional® mold only; no concepts on any other size or medium will be accepted.

3. There will be no accessories or dolls with the model.

4. All information needed to create your idea should be in your e-mail. We will not go to any links included in the e-mail.

5. Please DO NOT send any attachments with your e-mail.

6. One idea/concept per household only.

7. Please include your name, address, age, and telephone number in your e-mail.

8. Ideas/concepts will be accepted by e-mail only.

9. By sending in an e-mail, you forfeit any current or future right to your idea or concept. All ideas/concepts become property of Reeves International/Breyer Animal Creations and we reserve the right to use at our discretion.

The winner will receive a complimentary model.

Many thanks for submitting your ideas to us!

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