Thanksgiving and Breyer Horses

There’s something very special about the hobby that we have found ourselves in its hard to put into words, but there’s just something special. I’ve been involved in many hobbies other than Breyer horses for the majority of my life, and the amazing things that have come from this hobby make me very nostalgic this Thanksgiving week.

Many of the first time showers to the Golden Oak Stables notice first that people are willing to go out of their way to help new people in the hobby. It’s true, Breyer horse people will answer questions and help out in anyway possible; they’re willing to drop what they are doing to help someone in need. Another great thing about the hobby is the friends you make. There are thousands of us out there, and with our friendly nature its easy to make new friends, and best of all, we all share the same hobby!

I’m also thankful that in the model horse hobby we have dozens of events we can go to just about every weekend of the year! There are events all over the country, but in New England we seem to have events all the time. But for those of you elsewhere in the country there are still tons of events out there that you can go to and spend time on your favorite subject!

Along with events, I’m thankful for Breyer and Breyerfest. Thousands of people were just as lucky as me to be able to attend Breyerfest 2009. Breyerfest is an absolutely amazing event that is put on by Breyer in July at the Kentucky Horse Park. It is the event of the year and is just wonderful.

Lastly but certainly not least I’m thankful for the horses that Breyer is kind enough to produce for us. Breyers are durable, realistic and beautifully painted. Try finding another plastic horse out there that’s more realistic; you won’t. Breyer consistently produces new molds and models that are so realistic and beautiful! In years past Breyer wasn’t producing as many new molds and models as well as a huge improvement in the painting, in many different scales. On top of that, they are so affordable! What more could we ask for?

I know I talk often about how much I love this hobby and Breyer horses, but truly, this is a hobby that stands out among many. You simply cannot be involved in a better hobby. It is the cream of the crop!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you all after the holiday!


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