Bruce Davidson: Breyer Horse Olympian

This past weekend, Springfield, MA hosted the horse fair Equine Affaire. Equine Affaire is a large horse trade event featuring dozens of presenters and hundreds of horses. One of the presenters was Bruce Davidson, an Olympian that has galloped his way into the history books!


Bruce Davidson was born in 1949 in Rome, New York; his mother was a concert pianist and his father was a businessman. Bruce found a love for horses around the time the family moved to southern Massachusetts and he began buying ponies, training and reselling them. His mother encouraged this because she felt that it would teach him how to work for what he wanted. Each year he’d get a little more for the horse or pony he trained and was able to purchase an even better one, until one special horse came into his life. Irish Cap was that special horse, and the two of them made it all the way to the world championships together.


Around that time Bruce decided to forgo entering veterinary medicine so that he could go and train with the USET, opening the door for his future. Bruce began competing at the international level in 1971 and joined his first Olympic team in 1972 that brought home the silver medal! Over the years he has won 2 Olympic silver medals, 2 Olympic gold medals, 2 time World Championship winner, a Bronze at the World Equestrian Games and an unprecedented 6 wins at the Rolex Three Day Event.


Bruce has not been forgotten by Breyer; two of his mounts have been honored by Breyer. Might Tango was released in 1980 as part of the Equestrian Team set and is classic scale. He’s still available today from Golden Oak Stables in a new paint job and some new accessories as the Pony Games Set. This new set has just been released and is an adorable set! The other mount that Breyer has offered was Dr Peaches, for the very first Breyerfest. Dr Peaches is an eventing horse produced on the Phar Lap mold. He was the guest horse of honor and only offered for that first Breyerfest Event. Dr Peaches is still around today as Teddy O’Connor, another very famous eventing horse.

It was a pleasure to see Davidson in action and see the wealth of knowledge he had to share with others. It was crystal clear why Breyer had honored two of his mounts, but the real question was, why haven’t they honored more… Only time will tell!


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