Real Breyer Horses: Arabians

The Arabian is one of the oldest and most recognizable breeds of horses. They are also one of the most beloved breeds with fans all over the world.

Arabian Horses were originally bred in the Middle East over 4000 years ago and the desert climate that Arabians were bred in has created some of the most distinct features of the breed. The Arabian horse was bred by the Bedouins who were nomads in the middle east. The Bedouins bred the horses to withstand anything the vast deserts that they lived and survived in could throw at them. Being a part of the family was also important to the relationship between the Arabian horse and the Bedouin people, creating a kind nature. But don’t let this fool you; the Arabian horse was also used as a war mount and can be quite spirited still.

Some of the characteristics that make the Arabian one of the most easily recognizable breeds include a dished profile and large nostrils. The eyes of the Arabian are also large and the horse is a more “compact” than most full size horses. The rainbow that Arabians come in is large and colorful including Bay, Black, Chestnut, Grey,and Sabino. The dilute gene does not exist in the Arabian breed so there are no palomino Arabian horses.

Today Arabian horses are used in just about any discipline you can imagine. They are popular mounts for endurance riding due to their stamina and when bred with Thoroughbreds they make great mounts for eventing.

Golden Oak Stables and Breyer offer many Arabians that you can bring into your own show string. Azhar is featured on one of Breyer’s first Arabian molds, released in 1956. He is a fiery chestnut with socks and a star and snip for markings. He is a bit stylized but features a very dished profile making him easily recognizable as an Arabian. Any of the Ethereal Models could be Arabian Crosses, especially Wind. His dappled coat and small stature combined with his dished profile makes him a good Arabian cross. The Black Stallion is a famous Arabian offered by Breyer that includes a DVD of his feature film. The Black Stallion film is a great way to help understand a bit more about the breed.

S’Justadream is a new release and a new mold for Breyer that is a famous Arabian horse! This flashy chestnut mare is bright and perky and ready to make her way into your stable! This new mold is proving to be popular already and will be one to remember for time to come!

Arabians are some of the oldest and well known horses in the world today; their beauty and good nature make them a favorite for many horse lovers. Its easy to add one Arabian to your stable, but the hard part will be adding *only* one!


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