All About: Breyer Horse Special Runs

At one point or another you’ll encounter the phrase “Special Run”. It may seem like an odd word for people that are new in the hobby, but its really just a phrase that has been adopted by hobbyists to describe a “Run” of Breyer horses that is only available through specific “Special” outlets

Special runs are often referred to as “SR’s” and it can be overwhelming to even begin to imagine all of them. Collecting SR’s can become overwhelming so starting small is a good idea!

You might be surprised to hear that Special Runs have been around since the very early days of Breyer in the 1950’s. At that time, SR’s weren’t collectible like they are today; they were just special orders done for certain outlets. In the late 1950’s Sears offered models that were regular “catalog” models offered by Breyer with special accessories commissioned by Sears. This would qualify them as a Special Run. Into the 1960’s and 1970’s special runs were commissioned by breeders such as the Hog Breeders of America. They ordered a variety of specially painted pig models in many different breeds; some of these were even “customized” at the factory and received bent ears.

Into the 1970’s and 1980’s Breyer started doing special models for Breyer Horse shows. These became some of the most limited and desired SR’s around today. The 1990’s brought Breyerfest which has dozens of Special Runs each year. Events are not the only outlet for Special Runs. Many companies and dealers were able to order SR’s up until production was moved to China in 2002.After that Breyer lost the capability to do many small runs of models due to importing.

But that’s not the end of Special Runs! Today you can find special runs at Golden Oak Stables. Breyer has created special runs that you can bring home today! The positive to collecting Special Runs is that they are limited to a certain number, making some of them very rare. Check out the limited edition section of Golden Oak Stables to see what is current!

Special Runs are a fun thing to collect and can be very collectible, but don’t forget the regular catalog runs as well. And as always, collect what you love, no matter what!



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