Real Life Breyer Horses: The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa horse is well known for its spotted coat that creates stunning and eye catching patterns. Born out of a Native American background this flashy horse has become a favorite for both horse lovers and model horse lover alike.

Thought to be created by the Nez Perce Indians, the Palouse horse, or Appaloosa was discovered in the late 1800’s and by the 1930’s there were several breeders that were working to keep this breed alive and a breed organization was formed in 1938. The Appaloosa is an extremely popular breed today and is a favorite of countless horse lovers all around the world.

Appaloosas are known for their leopard spotted coat which is the preferred spotting pattern. Beyond the leopard spotting pattern, other pattens include the Snowflake Appaloosa with the appearance of frosted spotting. The Blanket Appaloosa is a pattern that creates a white “Apron” across the hindquarters that contains spots within it. Other patterns include, Frost, Few spot Leopard and Varnish Roan.

Typically Appaloosas were known as stock horses that were active in Western disciplines including cow work, barrel racing, and rodeo work. Recent years have found the Appaloosa horse many new facets including English Riding. Appaloosa’s are quickly becoming mounts for any type of work or discipline.

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have many Appaloosas in their stables. DZ Weedo is a famous Appaloosa stallion that has become a quick favorite for many collectors. He is a flashy buckskin blanket appaloosa that has captured many hearts. Little Tahoma is the perfect picture of an Appaloosa Yearling. Featured on the Quarter Horse Yearling mold he captures the beauty of the breed and the innocence of a young horse. One of the recent releases that has become a quick favorite is Fire from the Ethereal Series. Fire is an extremely flashy chestnut appaloosa that is detailed to the extreme! His paint job is one of the most detailed paint jobs that Breyer has ever produced.

Big or small, black or white, the Appaloosa is beautiful and flashy. Its a breed that has become both versatile and beautiful and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!


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