Happy Halloween: Breyer Horse Costumes

October 30, 2009

The thought of a Breyer horse in a costume may sound a bit odd or funny, but its actually one of the neatest thing that you can create for your horse. In honor of Halloween we’ll look at all the interesting some of the “Costumes” that are possible.

With Breyer Horses, the word “Costume” doesn’t just mean witches and pumpkins, it also means any number of historically accurate tack sets that one could think of, things like Native Arabian Tack and Jousting outfits are seen as “Costumes” to the Breyer horse world. Costume classes at live shows tend to be a mix up of all different costumes. There are some times when Arabian Costume will be split out but most times it will be all together, this can make it a bit difficult to bring home that blue ribbon.

When creating a costume the first thing you want to do is to research. Research is the key for any kind of performance entry, but in costume classes it is key. The details really matter and you’ll want to pay attention to every little thing possible. If you are making the costume be sure to pay attention to scale in relation to the horse. If you are just taking up with a pre-made set, be sure that the tack fits properly and that it is adjusted well.

Lastly you’ll want to make sure your horse is accurate. Putting a Clydesdale in an Arabian costume isn’t going to get you many points in the judges eyes, but an accurate Russian saddle set from 1700 with the proper breed is going to pull things far in your favor!

Whatever you decide to do, showing costume is a blast! On this Halloween weekend, why not give making one a shot? Let your imagination run wild and the results will be amazing. Happy Halloween!


The winning costume entry from Golden Oak Stables‘ NEFL


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