Breyer Horse Review: Fun with Model Horses Set

October 28, 2009

One of the standouts from the Fall 2009 releases offered by Golden Oak Stables, is none other than a simple dapple grey Morgan that is packaged with accessories to help involved people with their Breyer horses.

The Fun With Model Horses set is a set that is focused on exploring the many facets of the model horse hobby including showing, events and
customizing. Included in the set is a gorgeous dapple grey Morgan on the Flash mold, a halter, travel bag and a booklet to help you get started in the hobby.

The dapple grey Morgan is fantastically beautiful with soft shading throughout his entire body. He also features soft dapples over his stomach, shoulders, neck and hips. To top it off he’s got an adorable snip on the front of his face as well as eye whites and charcoal painted ear tips!




The Flash mold was sculpted in 2004 by Sue Sifton as the portrait of a pony club pony. In 2003 Breyer held a contest for the U.S. Pony Club to write essays about their favorite pony and why the pony was important to you. Flash was chosen as the winner and he’s made his way into thousands of homes.

Flash has been offered in a myriad of colors, from the original bay, to dun, buckskin. The first issue of the mold is the Bay and was in production from 2004 until 2007. He was also offered as a special run with a pony club rider and accessories. In 2005 Flash was created in a striking reverse dapple chestnut for the connoisseur series and was limited to 350 pieces. In late 2005 a special run was released for Tractor Supply Company as a Pony Express pony. In 2006 Breyer held the first Breyerwest and Flash was chosen as the special run model. He was released in a palomino pinto and became a quick favorite. Last but certainly not least was Starlight, the portrait of Carol’s mount from The Saddle Club in 2007.

Flash has seen quite a few colors but the newest release is a true stunner, don’t let him slip by!


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