How To: Breyer Horse Live Show First Aid Kit

Just one week left before Golden Oak Stables New England Fall Live, and in honor of that we’ll learn how to make a “First Aid Kit” so that you’ll have everything you need come show day.

  • Horses
  • Model Horse Tack
  • Tablecloth
  • Makeup Brush
  • Extra Leg Tags
  • Pen(s)
  • Notepad
  • Business Cards
  • Sticky Wax
  • Tweezers
  • Toothbrush
  • Soft clean cloth
  • Horse breed book
  • Breyer horse collectors guide
  • Camera

You’ll of course want to first remember your horses, they’re the most important thing to remember on show day (Except for yourself!). If you are showing performance you’ll want to make sure all your tack is complete and ready to go for the show day. Its a good idea to bring an extra bridle, halter and or saddle just in case something should break!

Something that is easy to forget is a tablecloth. Should your horses fall they stand a much better chance if they fall on cloth. At most shows you’ll share a table with another person, so be sure to offer to share if your partner doesn’t have one, its a great way to break the ice with a shower you don’t know. Judges often take off for a dusty horse, so be sure that you bring a clean makeup brush to dust off any excess dust that has accumulated. You’re bound to loose at least one leg tag by the time you get your horses packed up and then back out at the show, bringing some extra tags will save you a ton of frustration.

Bringing a pen and notebook to keep track of your placings is important, more times than not I’ve gotten home from a show and have no idea who placed and who won! Writing down all your placings is a great habit to get in. While you’re at the show you’ll probably meet someone that you’ll want to chat with after the show, if you have business cards, be sure to bring them along, if not, your pen and notebook will come in handy for exchanging emails or phone numbers.

For last minute disaster prevention you’ll want a soft cloth in case your horse gets dirty (Also cleans off sticky wax well), Sticky Wax for your performance entries, tweezers for tack changes and a soft brush if you should have a haired model who gets a messy mane or tail. Sticky wax also can come in handy if you have a stubborn horse or doll that doesn’t stand well.

Something easily forgotten by new showers is a breed book and a collectors guide. Its a great idea to bring these along for reference to a show, more times than not you’ll need to use it to look something up or someone will have forgotten their’s.

Lastly, a camera! Taking photos of a great show will preserve memories for a lifetime! One thing I’ve started doing is taking a photo of every horse that I have that places at a show, this helps me keep track because I’m bad at writing them down.

Live showing is a great time for all involved and by remembering to bring a few things you’ll save yourself a headache at the end of the day!


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