Breyer Horse Rarity and Collectibility Part 2

October 12, 2009

Last week we talked about what made vintage models collectible and desirable, this week we’ll take a look at current models and what makes them collectible and desirable.

Models today may all look the same when you get them from your dealer, but often times there are subtitle differences that can make them much more desirable than you may think. It is important to remember that there are many factors that determine what makes a model more desirable than the next one and we can’t touch on each one here but we can touch on a few thingsĀ  that will help you find out why your horse is special!

Most of you know that all Breyer horses are painted individually by hand, and due to this, each one of them is different. Sometimes this creates distinct variations that can be quite collectible. Sometimes you’ll find a horse that has shading thats exceptional, or one that is either significantly darker or lighter than a “regular” one. This can sometimes make the model much more desirable. Another variation that can make a model desirable is missing socks or facial markings. Depending on the mold, variations such as this can make the model very desired by many collectors. The rarest variation to find is a glossy variation. In the past year or so variation glossies have been popping up all over the country, this is the rarest form of variation to find and these models are highly sought after. Please see Friday’s blog concerning glossy models, its very important.

In addition to variations there are other factors that create desirability in newer Breyers. There are many molds that are popular, typically brand new models are most desirable because they are collected by so many collectors. Many people collect what are called “Conga Lines” where they attempt to get every release of a certain mold. Some collectors collect only a certain sculptor or a certain breed of horse so new molds can have fans for those reasons as well.

Special runs can become very desirable based on mold, number produced and color. Glossies are very popular with collectors right now and special runs with a glossy finish are very popular. Newer molds also can make a special run popular, but the thing that impacts how desirable a special run is, is the number produced. Models under 350 produced are considered very limited and models under 1000 made are considered limited. Some models of higher numbers can still be hard to find and very collectible.

There are many factors that go into how desirable a model is, but it all depends on how many people want to add a particular horse to their collection!


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