Real Breyer Horses: DZ Weedo – Champion Appaloosa

October 7, 2009

A champion appaloosa is always a sight to behold. One that has accomplished as much as this one is truly another story.

DZ Weedo is the grand son of Zippo Pine Bar, one of the most famous and accomplished Quarter Horse stallions of our lifetime. In 1994 DZ was born to the world and started taking the appaloosa world by storm at age 3 when he won the Appaloosa champion trail horse. He then in 1998 was named the Appaloosa western champion. He holds world and national titles in trail riding, western riding, western pleasure and bareback equitation.

His flashy coat is one thing that truly makes him stand out in a crowd. His beautiful blanked appaloosa pattern with big bold spots are a stand out in the ring, but his most remarkable feature is his coat. Standing out in the ring is a blanketed appaloosa with a bright and metallic buckskin coat that just shimmers. Two socks and a deep black mane and tail finish off this winning package.

DZ Weedo is last but certainly not least a sire that is creating champions over and over again! His offspring have also won several world and national titles as well as titles in racing. Through his offspring, DZ is creating a legacy that will live on for years and years to come.

Breyer released the beautiful DZ Weedo model in the spring of 2008. DZ is featured on the updated Stock Horse Stallion mold. For the DZ Weedo release, Breyer sculpted a new tail for the mold to create a fresh new look especially for this model. That summer brought a few very rare variations of this model. Breyerfest 2008 brought glossy DZ Weedo’s that were given away as prizes for the Breyerfest youth show. There are only a handful of these and they are nearly impossible to be found. The other variation that Breyer released was a few hundred DZ Weedo’s without spots! Its unknown if this was intentional or not, but it certainly makes this model all the more memorable.

You can check out DZ Weedo on the Golden Oak Stables website as well as many other western champions. This flashy beautiful stallion is sure to bring some color and pizazz to any stable.


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