New Breyer Horse Releases for Fall 2009

Today we’ll take a little break from our regularly scheduled “How-To” to take a look at the fall releases for 2009. Not to worry, we’ll be back with the second half of last week’s “How-To” next week.

The fall of 2009 has brought many exciting and new horses to the Breyer lineup. From famous racehorses to horses with stories that will surely become favorites for years to come, each of these models fits into the Breyer line of champion and famous horses in its very own way

Secretariat, one of the most famous race horses of all time was brought to us in the late summer/early fall of 2009 and has become wildly popular already. His dynamic position and wonderful story has created a place in collectors hearts already. The Secretariat is done on the Smarty Jones model and is sculpted by Sue Carlton-Sifton.

Water is the last in the Ethereal series released by Breyer over the past two years. Breyer first teased us with a glimpse of the Ethereal series in 2003 with a small photo in Just About Horses.This series that has been in the works for many years has finally come to a close with a beautiful finale. Water is done in a beautiful dappled blue roan. Water, as well as the rest of the Ethereal series is the epitome of quality and beauty in the Breyer series and is not to be ignored!

Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions is the latest release that Breyer has done featuring the famous mustang stallion’s herd. The cloud series can be seen on PBS and a new special is airing on October 25th, be sure to check it out! The Challenge of the Stallions set features four classic size horses, the two adults are featured on molds sculpted by Chris Hess and the foals are two new sculptures that have been added to the Breyer line within the last year or so.

Wild Blue and Little Prince are both new horses that feature stories to go with them. These new horses along with their novels are sure to become not only popular stories with horse lovers but classics for years to come. Both Wild Blue and Little Prince are classic scale and feature beautiful paint schemes. They both are also sculpted by Chris Hess.

Last but certainly not least Breyer has added three new additions to its ever popular Stablemate line. The Stablemate tractor playset includes a longhorn, llama, horse, farmer, his tractor and more. A new fancy Stablemate trailer set was also released this fall in a pink and yellow color scheme. Lastly for the Stablemate line was a new ranch set, the Cherry Creek Ranch Set. This set offers three horses, animals and accessories.

Breyer has created so many interesting and dynamic models for the fall its hard to guess what they might have in store for the new year, only time will tell! As always you can take a look at the entire Breyer line at Golden Oak Stables‘ website.


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