Real Breyer Horses: Thee Desperado

Breyer is famous for creating champions in plastic 1/9th scale, and Thee Desperado is no exception. Not only is the real Thee Desperado a well deserving and amazing Egyptian Arabian, but his Breyer horse is also a favorite among collectors! This became clear at Golden Oak Stables’ workshop day when many participants were very excited to get their hands on one!

Thee Desperado was born in 1989 he was thrust into a hard life early. As happens occasionally, his mother refused to nurse him and they called in experienced help. Shawn Crews from Arabians Limited was called in and she immediately saw him as a star seeing something different in him. Well, he didn’t disappoint! Thee is one of the most famous of the rare Egyptian Arabian line and holds the honor of being the top producing sire for that particular line of Arabians as well as a national champion many times over. His offspring live all over the world including the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Desperado’s showing record speaks for itself, in 1993 he was honored with top ten placings at both the United States and Canadian Nationals. Then in 1994 he was named Region 9’s Grand Champion Stallion. Then at Scottsdale, one of the most famous Arabian horse shows, he was named Unanimous Grand Champion Stallion. Capping off a great year he ended with a win of the United States Reserve National Champion Stallion. Quite a way to burst onto the scene for a little “Runt” colt!

After taking the show scene by storm he went on to stud. From 1996-2006 he was even named the Overall Leading Sire of the Egyptian Event. His foals have gone on to show and compete well and one even became a film star! Thee Cyclone, a son of Thee Desperado, was selected n the lead role for Disney’s IMAX representation of The Young Black Stallion!

The model Thee Desperado is done on the Proud Arabian Stallion mold that was sculpted by Chris Hess and introduced in 1971. The Proud Arabian Stallion is a stylized version of an older style Egyptian Arabian, very appropriate for Thee Desperado. The Proud Arabian Stallion (Sometimes shortened by collectors to PAS) has been made in many colors over the years, but has never been given the honor of being such a famous stallion! He’s full of energy and pride and makes the perfect representation of Thee!

Breyer produces many champions each year, but Thee Desperado is a champion that stands out among many, from his beauty to his offspring, he’s well on his way to becoming a horse that will live far beyond his years on earth.


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