All About: Breyer Classic Models

The Breyer Classic Models are some of the easiest to collect and sometimes the easiest to forget about. Breyer classic models are approximately 1:12th scale and about 6 inches tall. They are made of the same plastic as the traditional models and are hand detailed just like all Breyer models are. In recent years there have been new sculptures each year making many new models for collecting.

In 1975 and 1976 Breyer commissioned the use of five Thoroughbred sculptures, three Arabian sculptures, three Quarter horse sculptures, and three Mustang sculptures from the Hagen Renaker company. The Hagen Renaker company was a porcelain figure producer that created mostly animals. They gained popularity in the 1950-60’s for their beauty, their horses were sculpted by Maureen Love Calvert who is often hailed as one of the most talented horse sculptors in Breyer’s line up making her models very collectible. The Arabian, Quarter Horse, and Mustang sculptures were all released as family sets. The Thoroughbreds were released induvidually as famous race horses along with one addition, Ruffian sculpted Chris Hess in 1977.

These models gained in popularity and new molds were introduced in the 80’s including an Andalusian family and famous book series horses including The Black Stallion and Black Beauty. These were sculpted by Chris Hess who sculpted many Breyer models. In 1992 Breyer introduced yet more Classic models. This time is was the Mesteno series. The Mesteno series was sculpted by Rowland Cheney and began a series of famous mustangs. Over the next five years Breyer released a new sculpture each year in the Mesteno series for all to collect. These models are fanciful and very artistic. The last installment for the classic series in the 1990’s was a series of famous western working horses sculpted by Carol Herden.These models are high energy and dynamic sculptures that are popular mounts for performance lover.

The new millennium brought a whole new life for the classic models. 2002 brought a favorite for many, a Shire Sculpture created by the ever popular Kathleen Moody. Breyer then introduced a second set of Kathleen Moody’s sculptures into the line in 2006, the American Quarter Horses. This same year Breyer’s rights to the Hagen Renaker molds expired and we lost some of the most favorite classics. This has created some desirability for the models and they are becoming very popular. Breyer has continuted to release new sculputres into the classics line including a Morgan family and a Warmblood family. In 2008 they created the first series of haired models available through the Breyer line.

Breyer’s classic models have become popular again and easy to collect. With variety and value they are an easy choice. Take a look at all the variety that the classics offer on You might just find they not only allow more shelf space but they also are full of life and just a blast to collect!


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