Real Breyer Horses: Cloud The Wild Mustang

Many horse and model horse lovers alike have fallen in love with the story of Cloud the mustang. Cloud was recently captured in a roundup by the Bureau of Land Management and people all over the world are fighting for this horse to be returned to the wild, including Breyer!

Cloud is a pale palomino, wild horse stallion, living in the Pryor Mountains of Montana, a range the Crow Indians call the Arrowheads. Cloud has been documented from the day of his birth by Emmy-winning filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens. Her films about Cloud, “Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies” and “Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns” air on PBS’s Nature series and represent the only on-going documentation of a wild animal in our hemisphere. Ginger’s Cloud chronicles have been compared to Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees in Africa. Ginger has written two books about Cloud.

Cloud touched the hearts of many defending his family and fighting for his freedom. His stunning, nearly white, coat was stunning and while it made him beautiful it also made him an easy target for predators. America gained the right to see the tough life of some of America’s last wild horses. Wild horses in America face many challenges including predators as well as their grazing lands constantly being reduced. In August of 2009 Cloud was victim of a BLM round up and his future is uncertain. Many are pushing for him to be released with petitions and protests.

Breyer has been a cloud supporter for many years now creating Breyer horses of Cloud and his family to help awareness of the famous stallion, his family and their plight. Currently there are two sets available, Cloud’s Legacy, and Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions, both available through Golden Oak Stables. Both sets are family sets featuring adults and foals from Cloud’s family including Cloud himself. They are featured on Breyer classic scale models and each includes for horses, two adults and two foals.

Cloud’s story is one that has touched many and with his recent capture might turn into a tragic story in the end. More information can be found on Cloud on and you can watch the latest documentary in October. The Breyer models are not only fitting tributes to Cloud and his family but they have also helped to create publicity to this very important issue.

One day we may not have any wild horses in America, much less the world. As horse lovers its our job to preserve the mustangs and their legacy.


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