How we “Play” with our Breyer Horses

If you have Breyer horses you play with them in some way. Some of us collect to admire, some of us collect to pretend, some of us collect to compete, and some of us do all these things! No matter what you do with your horses, if you are having fun with your horses, you’re playing!

Collecting just to collect horses is very common. Often collectors try for all of a favorite mold, creating a game out of seeing if they can get as many of one mold, or sculpture, as possible. This sometimes includes any regular run horses, and sometimes people take on the challenge of trying to collect every single model, including very rare and limited models. This can take years to do when there are only 5 of a certain model! Often collectors just collect what they love and let their collections amass. I’m one of those collectors!

Playing with our horses is something that most of us have done at some point, especially those of us that were kids at some point in our collecting life. Even pulling out horses, re-displaying them, or trying on tack is simply, playing with our horses. In the digital age many adolescents have taken to the internet website YouTube to create videos and movies about their horses. Some collectors are creating movie series about their models that are as intricate and well written as some of the movies we see on television.

Lastly, some of us compete with our models. Model horse shows are commonplace in the Breyer horse hobby with shows all over the country and the world. The thrill of competing is a great reason to collect. Many collectors do not have the time or resources to ride or compete with real horses, and find an easy way to do something very similar. Breyer horse shows are also great places to socialize with other collectors and a great way to see other beautiful models!

No matter why you collect or what you do with your models, we’re all doing the same things overall, we’re playing! Sometimes collecting or showing can get stressful, and its a good idea to remember that in the end, we’re all just playing.

For those of you in the Concord, NH area, Golden Oak Stables’ New England Fall Live Breyer show is filling up quickly! For more information visit here.


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