How To: Finding Breyer Horse collectors in your area.

Finding other Breyer collectors in the area can be a great experience, having friends close to share you hobby makes it easy to get to model horse events as well as having someone close to share the hobby with. Even getting together to make tack or organizing your collection is easier with someone near! When I moved to New England a few years ago, I didn’t know anyone. I was very lucky to have my model horses, live showing and chatting online helped put me in touch with great friends that I never knew I would or could have!

We are lucky that we have the internet in today’s day and age. When I first began collecting we had to use the post office for any form of communication in the hobby. The internet makes it easy to contact others, as well as keeping in touch with them. Some of the best places to find other Breyer horse collectors are on the internet. The easiest place to find collectors in your area is through the North American Model Horse Showers Association’s website, . They offer a contacts list that offers a breakdown of representatives by state as well as links to individual discussion pages for each region in the nation. They split the country into 10 regions and one for Canada. The page outlines which region your state is in. The discussion pages for your region are a great resource, the discussion lists are often very busy and very friendly. They can be great places to find events as well.

Another good place to look is also online, model horse websites. is a very active model horse message board with thousands of members. Regional discussion is encouraged and you’ll find collectors of all ages and experiences there. Another good model horse message board is . Fallen Leaves is also very active and is an easy place to find people in your area. Both of these websites are very active and have thousands of members, you will notice once you start navigating the sites a bit that most people list what state they are located in. There are also often discussions of events in certain states or live shows in the area.

One of the best places to find model horse collectors are live model horse shows. Live shows can be found on the NAMHSA website as well as under the events section and in Just About Horses. Even if you aren’t showing, visiting for the day can be great fun. If you are entering, be sure to ask the show holder if you can be sat next to someone that is near you geographically. Its something we automatically do at Golden Oak Stables‘ shows, and great friends have been made just through our few shows! You’ll find live shows are very welcoming and that most people there are very happy to meet someone new. Just be friendly and introduce yourself and you’ll find new friends in no time!

One thing to always remember is to never meet anyone you don’t know alone and be cautious when navigating online, never give out personal information and if you are a youth do not ever contact anyone without your parents knowledge. The internet is not always a safe place and care should be taken. That said finding other Breyer horse collectors can be a great thing. My very best friends have been met because I collect Breyer horses, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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