Event Report: Golden Oak Stables’ Workshop Day

Saturday August 29th was a busy day at Golden Oak Stables. The doors welcomed 17 eager hobbyists to learn all about model horses.


Golden Oak Stables’ first annual workshop day started off with prop making. Linda Carrier artfully lead the group through making a set of speed poles for their horses. Everyone completed a set of three that they took home to use with their own horses. Linda is a familiar face to Golden Oak Stables judging at all three of our previous shows.




After prop making was finished we stopped for a pizza lunch complete with chocolate chip cookies!

With stomachs full the group sat back down for a class in halter making with Bev Lynch. Bev is a new face to some but with her large amount of real horse experience she’s quickly showing her talent for model horses. Some attendees brought favorite horses to make their halters on while others borrowed horses that would be used for the etching class. At the end of the class everyone had a new halter for their horses at home and had learned how to complete the project at home as well!




Our last workshop was led by myself, Stacy Becker, and was Etching. Etching is a form of customizing model horses where you use a craft knife to “draw” on the individual hairs of a horse. Everyone took to this like a fish to water and there are some true etching talent in the audience that day!

At the end of the day it was truly a rewarding experience for all instructors to teach skills to a new group of hobbyists, and it seemed like most everyone was happy with their newly found knowledge. We are looking forward to our next event, our first NAN Qualifying open show on October 24th 2009! Hope to see you there!


Email Stacy: Stacy@GoldenOakStables.com

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