Real Breyer Horses: Idocus

Idocus is a brand new Breyer model for the year of 2008 and is making a huge impact already! This beautiful Dutch warmblood is immortalized with a new sculpture that will honor him for years to come.

The real Idocus is an 18 year old bay Dutch Warmblood, In his 18 years he has created quite the stir. With huge winnings and numerous titles that would make any rider proud. Idocus is the only stallion to have been bred in the Netherlands, trained and competed in the United States and then go back to the Netherlands for “Approval”. In 2001 he was brought to the Netherlands for vigorous stallion testing in which he passed. Then in 2004 Idocus was welcomed back to the Netherlands as a part of their Olympic team, a huge honor for an American trained horse. Courtney King-Dye and Idocus have become one of the most successful US horse and rider pairs in the discpline of dressage. The Dutch-bred Idocus finished sixth in the 2007 World Cup Final in Las Vegas, NV. In 2008, they were #1 in the World Cup standings for the North American League and qualified to represent the United States at the World Cup Final in the Netherlands.

The Breyer Idocus is a fitting portrait of the dressage champion, and is featured in a calm standing position in a beautiful metallic dapple bay. Golden Oak Stables was proud to introduce him in the spring of 2009 and has only been offered to the public in the standard metallic bay. At Breyerfest 2009, Breyer honored winning showers at their Breyer Model Horse Show with glossy variations of Idocus. This model was limited to only approximately 30 and will never be offered again. The only difference between the regular run Idocus and the one given away at the Breyerfest Live Show is the glossy finish. This does make the horse much more collectible but does not really change the “look” of the model.

The model Idocus can be shown in halter and could be shown creatively in performance. He could be shown as a variety of European Warmbloods. In performance you’ll have to get creative, but theres tons of possibilities if you do your research, he could be standing in the Cross Country gate waiting to go, or standing on the trail enjoying the scenery with his rider. The possibilities are endless!

Idocus may be a new face to the Breyer line but he is sure to be a favorite for years to come. A new sculpture is an honor only given to select horses and Idocus is truly one of them.


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