Small Talk: Breyer Stablemate Horses

Breyer stablemates are collectible and favorites among many collectors. Their size, variety and price makes them easy to collect and fun. These horses are around 3 inches tall or 1/24th scale. Breyer has been making Stablemates since 1975 and currently has over 30 different stablemate molds. With breeds ranging from Pony to Draft as well as 1/2 a dozen foal models, the variety that is offered is grand!

One look on the Golden Oak Stables’ site will bring up dozens of Stablemates that are ripe for collecting! In my collection I’ve collected over 400 Stablemates! With them priced around $3 a horse and under $20 for most sets, its very affordable to start this “tiny” collection.

Not only are they fun to collect but they are also competitive show horses! The Stablemates are some of the most realistic horses that are offered in Breyer’s line and their size does not effect their ability to be shown! At our first Golden Oak Stables‘ show, a simple Original Finish Stablemate was one of the big winners! You can even see her in the Just About Horses’ Winners Circle this month!

There are special shows as well that cater to smaller scales, including Stablemates. This provides an even playing field for smaller horses that may have gotten overlooked when put on the show table with the big guys. But don’t count them out in the big show ring either! They can hold their own in most cases!


Stablemates winning at a Stablemate Scale Show


Stablemate Performance winner at a Stablemate Scale Show

There are also people that show their Stablemates in performance, making custom tack for their horses. The challenge of creating and showing tack for one of the smallest scale of horses is a fun for some collectors, including myself, and creating in extreme miniature is also a large pull. There are dozens of artists out there creating tack specifically for Stablemates only.


Stablemate horse being show as a Cross Country Horse


Stablemate horse being shown in Western

Stablemates are versatile and easy to collect. They are easy to afford and you can fit many more on a shelf than you could with traditional models! My only advice is that they are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!


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One Response to Small Talk: Breyer Stablemate Horses

  1. I’ve been looking for a horse for my 1/24th scale gypsy caravan.
    I will have a look at the stablemates to see if I can find a suitable one.

    thank you,

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