Why we collect Breyer Horses

August 17, 2009

Collectors of all ages have hundreds of different stories about how they started collecting. Some started as a child, unable to have a real horse, some as older adults start collecting because it looks like a real horse that they had been exposed to, some collect to show them, and nearly everyone collects them to bring joy to their lives. Collecting for the many years I have, my reasons for collecting have changed to fit just about every facet of the hobby.

When I was younger I knew nothing of the hobby, being a kid in the hobby, in the early 1990’s was difficult. It was before the dawn of the internet and instant communication, the hobby as we knew it was mail and publication based. I collected mostly because I couldn’t have a real horse, and also because my parents were sick of me buying cheap plastic horses that wouldn’t ever amount to anything. For the first few years of collecting I loved every Breyer horse that came into my life.

About 10 years into collecting I started to see my toys as a hobby, and while I had been to Breyerfest many times, it was never for anything more than to buy new toys. Around that time I started to meet other hobbiests that were involved in the hobby, and helped expose me to the other activities that were possible.

Showing became a normal thing for me. I began buying horses based s0ley to win ribbons, and did this for several years. I was very successful in showing, but not really attached to my collection.

My “Show” horses were sold and I scaled back largely. This was the perfect time to refocus my collection. I decided that while I liked to show, I was also interested in preserving the wealth in my collection, while still buying only models I was in love with and wanted to keep forever. Show holding for Golden Oak Stables, and judging also became important recently which helped to take the focus off of buying horses to compete myself with.

A refocus of my collection helped to show me what I really wanted out of the hobby and find even more enjoyment out of it than I thought was possible.

By finding the reason why you are collecting can help you focus your collection as well as helping you keep better track of what you have and what you want.

We all collect for different, but similar reasons. Most importantly, we all collect because our plastic horses make us happy, but also because we have a deep love of horses.

Whatever your reason, as long as you have a true love for what you have, your collection will hopefully keep you happy for the rest of your life.

Leave us a comment and let us know why you collect. We’d love to hear your stories!


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