Breyer Horse Fun Facts

August 14, 2009

Fun Facts about Breyer Horses

  • Breyer was originally a clock company but began producing horses in 1950 with the Western Horse. The Western Horse was originally created as an ornament for a clock. The clock had such high sales that they decided to sell it without the clock. The rest is history.
  • Breyer horses were created in the USA until about 10 years ago. Their home offices are still in New Jersey.
  • All Breyer horses have an air hole on them somewhere. The most common place for this is the corner of the mouth or the nostril. This is to prevent bloating, when a model might be exposed to a high temperature.
  • Breyer horses are all hand painted, no machines are used. Because they are hand painted, each Breyer is touched by over 20 people!
  • Each year Breyer carries hundreds of unique horses and accessories in many scales. Golden Oak Stables carries the entire line!
  • Breyer has its very own magazine, Just About Horses, which is produce every other month.
  • Each year Breyer holds a convention at Kentucky Horse Park called Breyerfest. Breyerfest welcomes 5000 attendees each year and is going into its twenty first year.
  • In 1984 Breyer was purchased by Reeves International, the once Chicago based company relocated to the current factory in New Jersey.
  • All Breyer Horses begin as clay sculptures that are sculpted by fine artists.
  • Breyer ships and sells nearly 5 million model horses each year.
  • Breyer’s connoisseur line is a line of exclusive limited edition horse that are painted in the New Jersey factory. They are the epitome of beauty and realism.
  • During the oil crisis of the early 1970’s Breyer had to use multi-colored plastic for their models. Due to this all the models were base coated with white primer and are called Chalkies. These horses are hard to find and quite collectible.
  • There are five scales of Breyer Horses, Tradtional, about 11 inches tall, Classic, about 6 inches tall, Paddock Pal, about 4 inches tall, Stablemates, about 3 inches tall and Mini Whinnies which are about 1 inch tall.
  • Breyer has a line of porcelain and resin horses called the “Breyer Gallery”
  • Breyer horses are often created as portraits of real life famous horses. It is an honor only given to the most deserving horses.


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